The female body is constantly changing, requiring different nutrients at different life stages and at different times of the month. Natural herbal remedies have been used for centuries by women to meet with these changes.
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Womens Health

Tiaojing Cuyun Wan
To improve the function of the female reproductive system, regulating the endocrine and improve the reproductive system immunity against infection...
2 box 20 bags ?5.95
4 box course ?4.95
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Dysmenorrhea Pills
Functional activity of blood. For menstrual blood stagnation, menstrual pain due to stagnation of blood, abdominal pain...
10 bag box ?.50
3 box course ?0.95
Dysmenorrhea Pills Chinese Herbal Medicine.jpg
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Fuke Shiwei Pian
For irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain, blood clots, discharge pain. premenstrual breasts pain, irritability...
60 tablet box ?.95
3 box reserve ?9.95
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Chanling Wan.
To restore Qi and blood weakness. For post-natal blood deficiency, low energy, body chill, wind pain, dizziness, nausea, limb edema...
12 bag box ?.50
3 box course ?0.95
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Kunbao Wan
For women menopausal syndrome, marked by hot flushes, sweating, insomnia, forgetfulness, irritability, dizziness, aching limbs etc. and to relax the nervous system.
50g box ?.95
3 box course ?1.95
Kunbao Wan for Womens Health.jpg
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Tongjing Wan
To promote blood flow, dispel cold, regulate menstruation and relieve pain. Used where there is abdominal pain during menstruation, menstrual cramps due to stagnation of blood...
50g box ?.95
3 box course ?9.95
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Oryanol Tablets
Neurosis, premenstrual tension, menopausal syndrome, aiding sleep...
100 tablet bottle ?.50
3 bottle ?6.95
Oryanol Tablets Chinese Medicine.jpg
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Xiao Jin Wan
For various types of diseases including cancers, such as breast cancer. To remove blood stasis, promote blood circulation and alleviate pain.
2.4g box ?0.95
4 box ?2.95
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Jiawei Xiaoyao Wan
For Liver Qi stagnation. Indicated for anxiety, irritability, stress, and depression due to premenstrual tension.
60g box ?.95
3 box course ?9.95
Fuke Shiwei Pian.jpg Chanling Wan.jpg
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Qingshen Xiaopang Wan
Formulated from the highest quality herbal ingredients, chinese medicine and modern research has produced this safe and effective product for weightr lose..
240 tablet box ?7.50
3 box course ?2.95
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Kanggongyan Pian
To remove heat and inflammation. For chronic cervicitis, leukorrhea, cervical inflammation and symptoms of bleeding...
100 tablet ?.95
3 box reserve ?9.95
Kanggongyan Pian.jpg
Qiye Shenan Pian
24 tablet box ?.50
3 box ?9.95
To calm and soothe the nerves. Anti depressant for premenstrual tension, menopausal syndrome, neurosis, stress and other similar conditions.

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